Tavis Smiley rails against the ‘blinders of greed’: Poverty a societal crisis

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With reports of poverty reaching its highest level since 1965, CBS News contributor Tavis Smiley on Sunday compared the growing wealth inequality to slavery in the United States.

“Throughout American history there have been proud moments of revolution that forced the elite to remove their blinders of greed, tyranny and domination,” he said. “America has, of course, made great strides for freedom in regard to all of its citizens. But now America has regressed, and poverty is the new slavery.”

Smiley said that U.S. economic policies favored the wealthy and ignored the plight of the poor….Read more

Derren Brown – The Experiments: The Guilt Trip (Full)

In The Guilt Trip, the third show in The Experiments series, an unwitting participant is placed at the centre of an elaborate, hidden-camera murder mystery – can Derren convince him to admit to a murder he didn’t commit?


Derren Brown returns to Channel 4 in The Experiments, a brand new four-part series.

Shrouded in the usual secrecy, each of the stand-alone episodes takes the form of a giant social experiment. Some have been inspired by classic psychology tests, others concocted by Derren himself to illustrate how easily our behaviour can be manipulated.

Derren will attempts to explore the darker side of what makes us tick as human beings and, in one show, teach us how to completely change our fortunes.

Featuring Derren Brown’s unique combination of ingenious and mind-blowing psychology, suggestions, stunts and thought-provoking entertainment, The Experiments sees him pushing the boundaries of size and scale in order to take a deeper look at human behaviour and reaction.

Confronting Cops 101 with Jimmy Justice (video)

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange meets up with Jimmy Justice in Brooklyn, New York and gets some first hand knowledge about confronting police with a camera.

Nautillus House by Arquitectura Orgánica (video)


Designed by Arquitectura Orgánica, This amazing shell-like house was built in 2006 for a young couple with two children from Mexico City who wish to have a house that is integrated to nature. The dwellers live like a mollusk moving from one chamber to another.

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The Love Police (video)

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Zembla: Ziek van je mobieltje (documentaire)

Houd hem niet tegen je oor, draag hem niet in je binnenzak en leg hem niet vlak naast je op het nachtkastje: de mobiele telefoon. Want de straling die ons mobieltje uitzendt is mogelijk kankerverwekkend, zegt de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie die vorig jaar onderzoek deed naar gezondheidsrisico’s en mobiel bellen.

Het wereldwijd toenemen van hersen- en oortumoren brengt de WHO in verband met langdurig bellen. Vooral kinderen lopen risico, omdat telefoonstraling dieper het kinderbrein binnendringt dan bij volwassenen.

Om kinderen te beschermen hebben landen als Frankrijk en Oostenrijk mobiel bellen op scholen verboden. In Nederland is het opvallend stil. In ZEMBLA aandacht voor de onderschatte gevaren van de mobiele telefoon.

Samenstelling & regie: Daan van Alkemade
Research: Norbert Reintjens
Eindredactie: Manon Blaas

Bron : zembla.vara.nl