Muziek : JW Roy – Building a Dream [Official Video]

Building a Dream is de tweede single van het albumboek Dry Goods & Groceries, dat in het najaar van 2015 uitkwam. Stream JW Roy via:

In Dry Goods & Groceries vertelt JW met een levenslange liefde voor Americana het verhaal van dit tijdloze genre. Hij doet dat in zijn songs en met een inspirerende documentatie waarvoor hij verschillende schrijvers, fotografen en muzikanten vroeg om hun verhaal te vertellen.


Rudy threw his bike against mine
Then he walked through the door and smiled
We went upstairs and started to play
Same thing, for years, every day

His lonesome timing and that brown curly hair
Each melody came out extraordinaire
We got it going, he made me believe
It was in our hands
We were building a dream

At sixteen he dropped out of school
What’s a small town boy gonna do?
Started working at a grocery store
Potatoes, tomatoes and such

Music was all, all and everything
The golden boy made the butcher’s son sing
By the look in his eyes I should have seen
That turning point
While we were building a dream

He chose the highway and ran
Made money, fell in love and ran
Rudy taught me how to play
Way back in 4th grade

Sweet is the memory of those days that are gone
His curls’ turned to silver, the melody moves on
A different timing a different scene
We did the right thing

We were building a dream


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