De huiveringwekkende dystopie van Ibrahim Maalouf (video)

Radio speech (Translation) : Good evening, it’s 5:30 pm. Time for our latest news bulletin. The government just announced, via its Minister of Origins, a curfew tonight. It will concern people said to be “different” in the whole country. They will also be asked to wear a distinct badge on their clothes. The Prime Minister also strenghtened law forbidding public gatherings. Every person suspected of holding such an event or attending to one will be arrested. On another topic, police announced it has started undercover missions to dismantle clandestine networks of extremist groups led by dissident, unarmed female people. We don’t know their MO for sure, but they do encourage meetings between “different” people and native French. We remind you that such gatherings are strictly prohibited since March 2020.


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