Statiegeld moet blijven (sociaal experiment) – Keep our deposit scheme (video)


Hoe verandert geld menselijk gedrag? Een experiment waarin gekeken wordt of statiegeld ervoor zorgt dat de straten schoon blijven.

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The Dutch parliament wants to scrap the successful deposit scheme for plastic bottles this year. This social experiment shows how an incentive affects people’s behaviour and their willingness to pick up litter. In the experiment unsuspecting Dutchmen were faced with a large pile of litter containing empty cans and bottles without deposit next to a sign that said ‘Pick up for free’. The video shows how people act surprised however not one of them felt the urge to actually pick up the empty containers. After a while the containers were replaced by plastic bottles with deposit, and suddenly people were very willing to pick up all the containers.

The video is part of a Dutch campaign for retaining the deposit scheme and is posted on a special Facebook page, called ‘Statiegeld moet blijven’ (keep our deposit scheme). The goal is to get as many likes as possible to show politicians that they shouldn’t go through with the plans.

Bron : Statiegeld moet blijven


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